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Michael Juan Nunez

ParishLine Records knows that with today's music industry, the people who support their favorite bands are the lifeblood of the business...especially when you are an independent label without the infinite cash flow of the major labels. We also understand that the economy is tough on everyone right now. The fact that you choose to support our artists is a gift to us. So we would like to return the favor. Here we have free downloads from ParishLine artist Michael Juan Nunez. His output is prolific, and many times there are songs that simply get pushed under the rug, and get lost...well we've decided to give them to the people who keep us going...if you would like to have them. This is a secure site. Just download the MP3s directly to your computer, no strings attached. From there burn them share them, whatever! ParishLine Records LLC does however reserve rights on these songs. They can not be used for profit making ventures without permission from ParishLine Records LLC. This includes but not limited to Television, film, commercial radio broadcast, youtube (or other internet media that generates profit), commercial ads, etc. These are not high quality files, please just enjoy them for what they are. Rock On!

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