Middle Finger Guitars

'Cigar Box' guitars have been around a long time...but Middle Finger is taking the concept to new heights. 

These guitars are functional pieces of art. Each one is hand made, and each one has a unique theme.


Although a lot of time and effort is spent making these guitars stand out visually, each one is also a screaming, singing, churning, juke joint jumping, music machine (in the right hands of course). 

They are designed following the tradition of the 'Diddley Bow'. Fretless instruments made with 1,2, or 3 strings, and designed to be played with a slide. They are not cookie cutter manufactured. They are not 'master carpenter' built. They are funky, unique and bad ass. 

Starting with wooden cigar boxes....MJN crafts custom necks from various types of wood then, takes the parts and works his magic, turning pieces of old wood into eye catching art, that when plugged into an amp...howls, moans, screams and sings. 


Have be a guitar player in your life? Give them a Middle Finger.

Middle Finger Guitars for sale

We currently have no guitars for sale.

If you would like a custom guitar please contact us at:


From Middle Finger

If you are interested in purchasing a Middle Finger Guitar please contact us at management4mjn@gmail.com

Check back often for the newest products that are available, or contact us with your idea and we can custom build a guitar just for you.