1. Train Wreck


One bad day is never enough for my lil drama queen
Everybody gets em’ once in a while, but not as consistently
Some situations always end the same, with me to blame
Even when I haven’t a clue what ignited the flame
(CHORUS)But I love, my little trainwreck
Sometimes I think I’m losing my mind, trying to keep up with you
Just when it looks like the end of the line, somehow we pull it through
Good intentions seldom work out right, but I’m here till the end
Even when I’m tied to the rail and light’s round the bend.
Was it a mean ol’ fireman, or cruel ol’ engineer,
That let the flame burn out and never looked back
Just remember one thing baby, I’m still standing here
And I ain’t going nowhere till we get this line back track

Michael Juan Nunez copyright 2011